Kate Elder

Front Office Manager

Katie is a Kansas City native who left the Midwest for the love of the mountains in 2010. Since living in Colorado, she has gotten to experience over 5 years working in the chiropractic world and absolutely loves chiropractic and natural health care. It has truly been an amazing experience to watch people come in with so much back pain (among many other pain related issues) and leave feeling completely relieved.

Katie loves chiropractic (not just for herself) but for her pets too! Her family owns 4 horses and all 4 of them have experienced back issues at some point and gotten adjusted by an equine chiropractor. Just like with people, it is amazing to watch the difference one chiropractic adjustment can make on the horses’ overall performance.
When Katie is not working you can find her hiking, painting and drinking wine, going to a local brewery, exploring the mountains or taking a trip back to Kansas City to ride her horse!